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Los Angeles Party Bus Entertainment Service

A list of extraordinary destinations to visit in Los Angeles. Rent a party bus and enjoy your time while we take you there. When you go out on the town, you have to consider many things like, location, parking, and if you have a drink or two, who's driving who home or worse...a DUI! The great thing about a party bus is someone licensed and responsible is driving and you get to concentrate on having a great time! No stress....NICE!!


Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival is rapidly approaching. The line up this year is better than ever, with some of the biggest names in the industry. If you've never been, why not? This is the year to go. Coachella Music Festival is more than a concert its an experience. For more information about the festival click hereIf you are planning on going or are just thinking about it bus not sure how to get there, or where to park let us help you. Taking a group of people and want to party all the way there? We have vehicles for that. How about something a little more low key? One of our brand new 2015 Escalades will allow you to enjoy the ride in comfort, and style. Click here for our fleet.  email us for prices and availability. Don't wait till its to late.    



This club in Los Angeles not only showcases some of the world’s highest-profile dance music talent, but also serves as a laboratory for emerging artists to explore and hone their craft, and where lighting and sound designers develop and test innovative technologies.


A Home for Artist Experimentation Laboratory for Emerging Artists to Explore Their Sound Testing Ground for Developing Sound, Lighting and Production Technologies Showcases Some of the World’s Highest-Profile Dance Music Talent

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Limousine Pub Crawl How To Guide

Ever wanted to throw the most epic party ever? I have a great idea for you. A limo bus pub crawl! Sound like something that you don’t think you could ever pull off? Have no fear, its as easy as drinking a beer on your couch, but so much more exciting.    

Q. What is a pub crawl?

 A. A pub crawl is an organized trip to multiple bars for the purpose of having a few drinks?


Q. Why does a pub crawl need to be organized?

 A. Success comes with planning. The best pub crawls are themed parties that have a clear cut path of bars that the party is going to visit.


Q. Does the pub crawl have to have a theme?

 A. The best parties revolve around a central theme or occasion such as; a birthday, anniversary, or even a its Monday theme. This doesn’t have to be complicated, but can be a highly orchestrated event depending on your own level party planning ability. For more party planning ideas click here Pub-Crawl Themes.

Q. Do I really need to know what bars we are going to before, or can we just wing it?

 A. Again planning is critical for a good party. There are many reasons for a schedule of bars including where you want to start and end the crawl. Since you will have a party bus your potential bars and area to cover are unlimited, but here are some things that you need to take in to consideration.


How much time do you want to spend in the bus between bars? (I’d recommend no more than 20 minutes apart.)


What area you want to start and end. (A circular trip starting close to somewhere that everyone can get to is ideal.)


What bars will give you special considerations. (This is important. Contact the bars you want to stop in and make them aware that you are coming in with a group and will be staying for a couple drinks. You may get drink specials to go with your theme, or a free appetizer. Even if the bar won’t give you anything it is still nice to let them know you are brining a group.)


How much time you will be spending at each bar. (Again planning is critical. Having a schedule ahead of time will give people who may not be able to go for the entire trip an idea of where they can jump in along the way after their previous engagement.)

Q. How many people can we take?

 A. Limos can be reserved for small groups up to 8 people in a classic limousine, or party buses can seat as many as 30. Get a head count and make the reservation accordingly. Not sure what you need check out our fleet page here.

Q. Is there any thing else?

 A. Don’t forget to make the reservation. It is recommended that reservations be made 2 weeks in advance during most of the year, but there are events that take place you will want to make sure that you take into consideration such as the Oscars (another great theme) that you will want to make your reservation way in advance.


Party Bus

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Elevate night club


811 Wilshire Blvd - Downtown L.A. Sleek, Stylish, Unique. Words that people use to try to describe the experience. Encounter an Ultra-Lounge where indoor and outdoor become one. Walking into Elevate Lounge, your senses will be mystified with the illusion of being inside the 21st Floor penthouse, but feeling the outside air as 150 feet of sliding glass doors disappear into rich architectural elements. Elevate offers elegant VIP/private seating, a dance floor, as well as secluded areas with ambient background music. Your new way to enjoy Downtown night life... Check out the excitement. Contact Elevate via their Facebook page for reservations by clicking here RESERVATIONS      


7000 Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood Bringing glamour back to the Boulevard, Thompson’s Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel reincarnation resonates with the opulence of its fabled past. Located in the heart of Hollywood on the Walk of Fame across from the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, The Roosevelt houses some of the hottest drinking and eating venues on the west coast. These include the famous poolside Tropicana Bar, celebrity haunt Teddy’s nightclub, The Library bar which is acclaimed for its hand crafted cocktails, The Spare Room, a speakeasy gaming lounge featuring vintage bowling lanes and classic cocktails, and vaudeville inspired theater Beacher’s Madhouse. Public Kitchen and Bar serves eclectic American fare in a social atmosphere and award winning 24 Hour burger joint 25 Degrees offers a variety of dining options. To top it off, the hotel’s heated outdoor swimming pool provides guests the only locale in the world where they can swim in a million dollar work of art painted by acclaimed artist David Hockney. The hotel is constantly buzzing with the entertainment industry’s glitterati.  


The Tropicana Bar overlooks the celebrated David Hockney pool, surrounded by lush foliage and the hotel’s elite cabana rooms. This seductive retreat plays host to Hollywood’s in-crowd both day and night with DJ parties, intimate gatherings around glowing fire rings—and even the occasional sunbathers seeking relaxation on our oversized leather lounges. Won’t you join us?   click here for the Tropicana Bar website